The Virtual ACtronics Achterhoek Rally 2020, win great prizes!

We have done everything we could, to make the ACtronics Achterhoek Rally take place this year. Unfortunately, with the current situation in the Netherlands, we also see no possibility to organize the rally on 12th of December 2020. As usual, we always look for possibilities. To designate a winner in 2020, the Virtual ACtronics Achterhoek Rally will take place!

How does the Virtual ACtronics Achterhoek Rally work?

From now on you can register yourself, or a team of two drivers, to participate in the Virtual ACtronics Achterhoek Rally. The platform that will be used is the game DiRT Rally 2.0. Anyone who has this game can participate, drivers and fans compete against each other! We will drive twice, in three different German stages. This is good for six special stages, just like the ACtronics Achterhoek Rally 2020 would have this year. The registered competitors can choose from the R5 cars that DiRT Rally 2.0 has available.

You can register until Thursday the 5 th of November, 20:00 hrs. The rally will start the day after, Friday November the 6th at 12:00 hrs. There is time all weekend to complete the six special stages. The rally will finish on Monday, November the 9th at 18:00 hrs. The following day, the official final classification will be drawn up!

Great prizes!

Of course, there are prices with a podium place and for the win! The first three to complete all stages as the fastest will be awarded on November the 20th 2021, during the ACtronics Achterhoek Rally 2021, and can pick up their unique cup! In addition, a distinction will be made between drivers who have a rally/navigator license and the fans. Among these two different rankings, PRIO and SIM, wonderful prizes can be won. A free registration for the ACtronics Achterhoek Rally 2021 and a wonderful experience in one of our X-cars next year, for example

For more information about the general conditions, prices, course of the rally and how to register for the Virtual ACtronics Achterhoek Rally, go to Deelnemers → Virtual AAR!

We look forward to your registration!